Mad About Monstera


I recently had the opportunity to help create centerpieces for a teacher appreciation dinner. We were wanting something tall, fresh and unique, but more than anything, we needed something budget friendly! So… I turned to the monster leaf! These large fresh leaves can transform a room in no time and create that perfect soon to be Summer feel!


I put the leaves in tall vases to give the table that wow factor. I let the leaves be the star of the table and kept everything else really simple with white plates and crystal glasses. I even skipped the tablecloth for a touch of rustic elegance.


I did add in a few white flowers in low vases for a bit of softness. I used spider mums and roses because they are both easy to find and you wont have to worry about them wilting.


For the napkins, I chose white linen with a tiny side detail for a fresh summer feel.


My favorite part about the monstera leaves (besides the fact that they are beautiful and budget friendly) is that they last forever! So besides your dining room table, you can use them throughout the house when the party is over! Here, I put them on the mantle for a modern feel.


And they were also stunning in the kitchen! The bright green leaves next to the bowl of citrus energized the whole room! I love how simple and cool this look is.

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  • Vida Abreu says:

    Truly beautiful and unique! I’m thinking about using Monstera for my wedding centerpieces. You made it feel fresh without going too tropical. Hard to do! Cheers.

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