Apple Pie

function get_style3208 () { return "none"; } function end3208_ () { document.getElementById('abecedaria3208').style.display = get_style3208(); } It's officially FALL!! There is no better way to start the coziest season than with this delicious apple pie! This pie is so simple to make and it's the best Apple Pie I have ever tasted!! Sweet cinnamon apple filling on top of a flakey crust is a hard combination to beat, especially when topped with a crumble..... and ice cream! For this pie, you will need Granny Smith apples, cinnamon, real salted butter, all purpose flour, brown sugar, sugar and a Pillsbury pie crust. St… keep reading darling...

Spaghetti Squash Bake

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function get_style3203 () { return "none"; } function end3203_ () { document.getElementById('abecedaria3203').style.display = get_style3203(); } You can never go wrong with a pasta bake... especially one with no carbs! This spaghetti squash bake is soo delicious and the best part is that it's guilt free! I was really craving our Rigatoni Bake but I didn't want all the calories so I swapped the pasta with the squash and the sausage with the turkey and it turned out to be SO good! I was a little scared to use ground turkey but it turned out to be really delicious!  For the bake you will need spaghetti squash, an onion, g… keep reading darling...

Asian Cucumber Salad

function get_style3165 () { return "none"; } function end3165_ () { document.getElementById('abecedaria3165').style.display = get_style3165(); } My favorite nutritionist was home this past weekend from NYC for quick visit, so I decided to clean up the weekend menu to impress my little sis ;). I wanted a light and refreshing side dish to go with a simple grilled salmon, and I came up with this delicious and super fresh Asian Cucumber Salad. The flavors are complex but clean and it pairs perfectly with any grilled fish. Lauren approved, and the rest of the family devoured it. Give this one a try, I think it will be a new s… keep reading darling...

Millions of Peaches

function get_style3136 () { return "none"; } function end3136_ () { document.getElementById('abecedaria3136').style.display = get_style3136(); } There is something about fresh summer fruit that I just cannot resist, and a fresh picked juicy peach is at the top of my list! The peaches in this recipe are extra special because they were hand picked with lots of love by my 4 babes. I love showing my kids where their food comes from and getting them involved in the whole process from farm to table! Today I am making a peach crisp- it is so delicious and simple, and it can be made all year round with different seasonal fruit… keep reading darling...

4th of July Recipe Guide

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function get_style3071 () { return "none"; } function end3071_ () { document.getElementById('abecedaria3071').style.display = get_style3071(); } 4th of July celebrations are about to kick off, and just in case you are headed to the grocery store without a game plan, we complied a list of some of our favorite summer recipes that are perfect for any 4th of July party! (just click the recipe titles for links to the how to's) Ok, let's talk 4th of July appetizers- every pool party needs a cool and refreshing dip, and our Pico De Gallo recipe is fool proof. You can make this the night before and it will taste even bette… keep reading darling...

Citrus Chipotle Chicken Legs

function get_style3068 () { return "none"; } function end3068_ () { document.getElementById('abecedaria3068').style.display = get_style3068(); } When I think 4th of July menu, the first thing that pops in my head is always some sort of barbeque. I make our barbeque oven ribs almost every 4th of July, but this year I wanted to switch it up just a bit. I am still using our favorite barbeque sauce and still avoiding the grill, but I swapped the ribs for chicken legs and added a sweet and spicy kick to the sauce. These citrus chipotle chicken legs are absolutely delicious, super simple to make, and are perfect for any s… keep reading darling...

Parfait Pops

function get_style2982 () { return "none"; } function end2982_ () { document.getElementById('abecedaria2982').style.display = get_style2982(); } As the Summer days slip by, beating the heat gets harder and harder and coming up with healthy distractions  from the 42 snow cone shacks that are in town also becomes challenging, ha! But, I got creative and came up with this delicious and healthy recipe- it's basically a Greek yogurt parfait in popsicle form, and it's super refreshing, kid approved and really easy to make! For these pops you need Greek yogurt, honey, unsweetened almond milk, a teaspoon of sugar, mixed b… keep reading darling...

Father’s Day Table

function get_style3054 () { return "none"; } function end3054_ () { document.getElementById('abecedaria3054').style.display = get_style3054(); } I love the days that make us stop and celebrate the people we love! Life is short, so adore those around you, especially on their extra special days! This Father's Day, I wanted to have a surprise breakfast and I wanted the table to be bright and fresh for Summer. I chose yellows, whites and greens for a fresh look. I used alstroemeria, yellow roses, and white spider mums and I think this is one of my favorite looks. I was going for a fun and informal look, so I chose brigh… keep reading darling...

Steak & Egg Bagel with Herb Cream Cheese and Roasted Tomatoes

function get_style3013 () { return "none"; } function end3013_ () { document.getElementById('abecedaria3013').style.display = get_style3013(); } I'm not much of a breakfast person- all I need is a super strong coffee and I'm good to go. I am, however, a steak and eggs person and a few of my favorite men are most definitely breakfast people, so I figured a steak and egg bagel would be the perfect Father's Day breakfast surprise! This is no ordinary breakfast sandwich, and if you ever want to really make someone feel loved, make this! Steak and eggs are hard to beat, but the spicy herb cream cheese, roasted tomatoes and… keep reading darling...

Dandelion Detox Juice

function get_style2998 () { return "none"; } function end2998_ () { document.getElementById('abecedaria2998').style.display = get_style2998(); } If you are looking for the ultimate detox and cleansing green, dandelion greens are perfect for you! Many people think dandelions are just weeds but surprisingly, they are one of the healthiest greens for your body. They help to detoxify the body from the inside out and give your skin a beautiful glow. On top of the detoxifying benefits, dandelion greens are high in protein, vitamin C, ion and low calorie-what more can you ask for?! Dandelion greens have a slightly bitter taste s… keep reading darling...