Tacky Pumpkins


Pumpkins are a must when it comes to fall décor, but if you feel like glamming it up a bit, try these super fun metallic pumpkins.


You just need a  few packages of thumb tacks, metallic spray paint and a variety of pumpkins. I like to get an assortment of sizes and I absolutely love the little ones!


When picking out the pumpkins to tack up, try and find squatty ones with well defined ridges. This will make the studding process much easier!


Start by prepping the pumpkins for the paint. You want to be sure to wipe off any dirt that is on the pumpkin.


Now just spray paint the pumpkins. The paint covers the pumpkins very well so you only need to spray on 1 to 2 coats.


I kind of like the ombre look, so I left this one just partially painted… You can get creative here.


Then I used  bonze paint for the small pumpkins. These would be a super cute addition to a fall table!


When the pumpkins are painted, let them dry for about 30 minutes before adding the tacks.


Once the pumpkins are completely dry, start pressing in the tacks. You don’t want to leave any space between the tacks so slightly overlap them.


 You can add the tacks wherever you want, but I think it’s cute to run them down the seems of the pumpkins.


For the smaller ones, I did every other seem so that it wasn’t over tacked.


 You can keep the metallic pumpkins together and add in some white pumpkins for a more chic look.


My favorite is to mix in the metallic studded pumpkins with some regular ones, I love the color combination!


Either way, add these stunners to your porch or a fall tablescape for some super fun fall glitz!

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